Marcus – An introduction to a wonderful life

So with the number of New Zealand working girls writing their own blogs together with a few well known punters joining in I thought it might be timely to start up a blog of my own to give a different perspective on this – that of a male sex worker (or man-whore as some like to call me!).

From the outset let me make one thing perfectly clear.
If you want to be a male escort in New Zealand, and you are not 19, super slim and gay, then make sure you have a fulltime “vanilla” job – because New Zealand is not the place to make your fortune in the sex industry otherwise.

My story starts many years ago – in the downright seedy world of the Auckland underground. The adult industry was generally operated on the basis of gang-owned brothels, parlours and strip clubs. Well known and famous operators ran the scene and a few new fledglings were starting. There was no internet, mainstream newspaper advertising was limited but “The Truth” carried more adult advertisements than editorial content!

However the most obvious choice for a punter was a walk in parlour so as a nervous 18 year old and after walking around the block numerous times, I wandered into one on K-Road. I remember the distinct pallor of smoke and booze as I made my way slowly up what seemed like 100 stairs (was it Stairway to Heaven??). My introduction to the “adult industry” had been made. It was not memorable – but it left me wanting more.

So over the years I tried a lot of options – strip clubs, “peek” rooms, porn theatres and brothels. I got to know a few regular girls who I enjoyed being with. I enjoyed the no-strings aspect of sex. Yes, I had “regular” girlfriends throughout these years – but to be perfectly honest I was a shy and insecure young man and really preferred the clean cut and almost clinical option of working girls with their non-judgmental professionalism.

My fascination eventually turned to the more extreme interests and, in particular, BDSM. I sought out some information and at the time the only well known establishment running in Auckland was Rack and Cape run by Mistress Kitty. Well – what an experience that turned out to be. I cannot remember who the Domme that I served was – but she was extremely talented in Her profession and certainly knew how to push all of my buttons. Excuse the pun but I was hooked!

I was disappointed when R&C closed its doors – the negative publicity over the well publicised death of a BDSM punter who made the mistake of seeing an amateur was the nail in its coffin. However, that episode, more than any, probably put the wider sex industry more on the map in New Zealand and more visible to the average Kiwi .

The experiences I had in the world of BDSM were further heightened when I did my “OE”. I spent some time exploring Berlin and met a Professional Domme that completely blew my mind. Blew my mind so much so that I extended my trip and became a “live-in” house-slave for three months. Lets just say that what I saw and what I was taught in that short period of time would take many months of writing to explain.

Back in New Zealand I met a woman at a swingers party who asked me if I had ever considered having sex for money. I almost choked with laughter at the thought – why would any woman in New Zealand want or even need to pay for sex? Well, a market did exist and I was introduced to it over a drink with an agency owner the following week. Whilst not extensive, there were women in New Zealand that did not have the time or inclination to have a relationship with a man, or they were in an unhappy marriage looking for more.

It was not long before I was encouraged into meeting my first client – a woman 10 years older than me who told me she was too busy with her career to bother with men. I have to admit to being a bundle of nerves and I was unsure how the time should progress. I probably have a lot to thank her for – she put me at ease and the time flowed naturally. A lot of talk, a lot of laughter and probably too much wine! And all of a sudden I had turned from punter into provider. Something must have gone right because I saw her quite a few times after that.…..


The most common question I get asked when sharing my escort life is – do I see men as clients? The answer is no I do not. I am happy to see couples who want to add an extra man to their fun, but I am not an escort for men. It’s not my market and I have no interest in it.

So present day – here I am in my beloved hometown of Wellington.
Times have certainly changed. The internet has opened up the adult industry to all and sundry, sex is more mainstream, porn is more mainstream and the attitudes of New Zealanders have become gradually more liberal over the years – but certainly not quite as liberal as the Europeans!
Anyone can enter the industry and it appears than many young and star-struck girls do. But one thing has not changed – only those that know how to run themselves in a professional and businesslike manner will survive – anyone that follows some of the well known forums in New Zealand will know what I mean.

So that’s my introduction – its a blog not a brag. I plan to reveal a few more of my more interesting stories, but first and foremost I will be blogging my opinion on matters pertaining to the adult industry – and not just in New Zealand.  You might not like everything I say, but I hope to inspire thought and debate. I speak my mind and respect others that do the same.

So don’t be shy – follow me on Twitter and feel free to drop me a message.


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