On call versus On shift

There is a huge difference between being on call and being on shift. The business model for Funhouse gives everyone total freedom to work the hours they wish with the ability to say yes or no to jobs as their life or mood dictates. They don’t have to sit around onsite getting bored and grumpy hoping to get some work to earn some money or seeing other girls get loads of work and them not.


Being on call is a great way to work if you can get your head around it, but not everyone can. The uncertainty of ‘will she call with work today’? ‘Should I make plans with my friends’? Unless your friends and family know about and understand your work then it is tricky to keep cancelling out of dinners and family gatherings without arousing suspicion.


Sometimes the freedom becomes too great and reality about the situation slips away, girls say no to work too many times and clients stop trying to book them, or the Madam stops pushing to get them work.  Or then there are the girls that never reply to texts offering jobs, or the girls that sleep in and are impossible to wake, have no credit on their phones or allow their phones to go flat a lot. These are the girls that end up saying ‘why am I not getting any work’? These girls are the ones that pop up at other establishments that offer a lesser amount of freedom. But on-shift works really well for many women in this industry.


Being on call The Funhouse way also means you don’t have to see client after client like you would have to do in an on-shift venue – if it is a busy one. When a Funhouse girl is here to see a client it is because she is 100% into it, not because she has been bullied or coerced and this makes every session more enjoyable for all concerned.


I would like to thank our fantastic clients for being so patient on days when I can’t find a girl to come in and spend time with them even though I may have 8 girls on call. Your understanding allows Funhouse to remain the most relaxed and happy work environment in the sex industry today. Not the most lucrative however but money isn’t everything!