Guest Post: Golden Points

This week a Todd Carney, a relatively obscure rugby league player got into a spot of bother with a DIY version of a golden shower when he had the misfortune to have it tweeted. As a teenager watching as much porn as I could get my hands on, I saw some German porn with golden showers and wasn’t really that keen on the idea. I mean who would volunteer to be peed on? What was the appeal? I just thought it was dirty and a bit unhygienic.

Comparing sexual exploits with ‘Her Excellency’ a little while ago, I had occasion to try out this little treat for myself. It just kind of happened, it was completely impromptu; there we were with a glass of wine when nature called… I asked if she would mind, and after I dithered for a minute (should I? would she? is it OK? should I?), she took charge, got me in the bathroom, on my knees, one leg over my shoulder and away we went…
I’m not sure what I expected, but I enjoyed the experience. I found it remarkably intimate and personal. And warm… The intimate and personal part probably says more about me and my attitude than anything else. I didn’t feel dominated or humiliated, there was no shame or anything like it. The warm part is just basic biology… and I will probably try it out again. Just to make sure…

To have ‘Her Excellency’, a beautiful woman with whom I had a connection, ‘shower’ me was nice. It felt like she was sharing part of herself with me, it was a really lovely moment (not to mention a great relief for her). My cheek and face pressed against her belly, my arms around her legs and waist, and a flow of warmth streaming across my chest and down to my legs. I am truly grateful to her for this, and now view this as something inclusive and intimate.

Certainly a better experience than standing in a men’s toilet next to a mate with a camera.


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And with the uncensored photo